Professional Kayak Training KAYAK TRAINING WA Paddling a kayak, being so close, so engaged with the forces of nature, really gets the adrenalin surging, testing one’s skills in an ever changing and challenging environment.  Feeling the exhilaration of crashing through the waves, then the thrill of gliding effortlessly along in front of them, racing them to shore. There really can’t be any better way of enjoying the river systems and coastlines that are right on our doorstep.  If you are considering getting out on the water in a kayak for the first time, then taking a course with a nationally accredited, experienced instructor will replace doubts with confidence and allay any natural fears that you may have.  On these courses, the client will be taught the best practice principles of injury prevention and the strongest, safest paddling techniques in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.   Once we have the basics covered, there are a multitude of progressive skills and techniques to learn that will enable the adventurous amongst us to go a little further, push a little harder and explore the outer limits of our comfort zones.