Professional Kayak Training KAYAK TRAINING WA High School Programs  Many high schools have kayaking and canoeing activities in their Outdoor, Health and Physical Education curriculum, which is fantastic and I am proud to have been working regularly, over the last 10 years or so, with half a dozen local schools that do this very well.  Building great relationships with the Outdoor Ed teams, I also deliver structured instructional programs during the week and coaching / guiding services when required, assisting in the whole process from planning to accompanying excursions and multi-day expeditions on the rivers and coastal areas, all around this great state of ours.  If your school is considering any of these activities, then give me a call, I'll be happy to discuss your options and provide quotes.  Early advanced booking is recommended.  Fully insured, registered, ABN etc. Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme  Various accreditations from Paddle Australia, listed here in the Award Scheme Handbook are available under the following disciplines:   Flatwater,		Sea,		Whitewater   To learn more about the scope and limitations of the various awards, open the ‘Qualifications’ menu (by clicking on the Paddle Australia logo above) to explore the flowchart and disciplines. Paul Harding  Mobile:	0400 842 445  Email:
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Paddle Qualifications
Paddle Australia - Sea Instructor (2) Paddle Australia White Water Instructor Paddle Australia Assessor Rescue III, Swift Water Rescue Technician I Senior (Apply 1st Aid) First Aid Working with Children Certified Walking Group Leader Award (BMC/MLTE) Summer Moorland Camping Leader (AMI/MLTE) Diploma in Management.
Assesor Instructor Owned and operated by: Paul Harding- Paddling Instruction, assessment, coaching and guiding provider.  For me, kayaking and canoeing, where ever it is, river or ocean, is intoxicating and I consider myself very fortunate, that when I go to ‘work’ I am going to do a ‘job’ that I am absolutely passionate about.  I enjoy feeling the exhilaration and excitement that others feel when they overcome their fears and trepidations to achieve their own goals and expectations. I believe in positive reinforcement through flexible learning, to encourage and empower others to achieve their own aspirations. Kayak Training WA actively promotes a safe, friendly atmosphere, providing the best environment for a well balanced and consistent learning process, whilst delivering the highest standards of guiding, training and assessment to recreational operators and educational  leaders, alike.  Whether you are seeking to learn some general paddling skills and self-confidence, or wishing to acquire a national accreditation through the Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme, I will be very happy to discuss your options with you and guide you along your chosen pathway.  About Us Specialised Overnight & Multi-Day Camping Practical instruction covering the considerations planning, preparation and implementation of an overnight or multi-day camp. Stand alone or can be used as an endorsement towards the guide and instructor awards.  Kayak Surfing Playing the waves in a play boat or a sea kayak is always a challenging and thrilling experience.   Also an exciting way to ‘bomb-proof’ your boat control skills.  Requires a higher degree of fitness.  Being able to roll is a distinct advantage.  We’ll teach you the strokes and skills required to get the most out of your kayak.  Tailored for you Many of my clients are jetting off around the world, to participate and compete in a multitude of various adventure and expedition races. Cruising and touring at the polar regions also seems to be a popular theme. Understandably, these event and activity providers will require that participants have, at least, a minimum skill level in order to take part. I will tailor your training to suit the activity and provide a verifiable record of your achievements. Kayak Rolling Lessons Having a good ‘combat roll’ will boost your confidence and enhance your paddling experiences.  We’ll get you confident with various methods and techniques to right your capsized kayak, without getting out.  If unsure which course would suit you, give Paul a call on 0400 842 445 and discuss your options Training Records / Log Book  You may not think so now, but further down the track, you might want to gain an accreditation through Paddle Australia.  Starting a log book now will save a lot of trouble and effort later on. There are also other multiple benefits and advantages and Paddle Log makes it a simple operation.  Paddle Log is available on Apple and Android as well as a desktop version that can be found at I am happy to assist my clients with the set-up and operation of this excellent app.  Paddle Log is available on Apple and Android as well as a desktop version that can be found at I am happy to assist my clients with the set-up and operation of this excellent app.
Paddling a kayak, being so close, so engaged with the forces of nature, really gets the adrenalin surging, testing one’s skills in an ever changing and challenging environment.  Feeling the exhilaration of crashing through the waves, then the thrill of gliding effortlessly along in front of them, racing them to shore. There really can’t be any better way of enjoying the river systems and coastlines that are right on our doorstep. If you are considering getting out on the water in a kayak for the first time, then taking a course with a nationally accredited, experienced instructor will replace doubts with confidence and allay any natural fears that you may have.  On these courses, the client will be taught the best practice principles of injury prevention and the strongest, safest paddling techniques in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Once we have the basics covered, there are a multitude of progressive skills and techniques to learn that will enable the adventurous amongst us to go a little further, push a little harder and explore the outer limits of our comfort zones.
Equipment Safety Audits How often does the used gear get put away and then re-used without being cleaned or repaired? With an on-site visit to your school or centre, we will conduct a full evaluation of all your paddling equipment; compiling a comprehensive equipment schedule, serialising each item to enable regular audits and checks to be made- whilst also ensuring that regular service and maintenance is being carried out- to maximise the life-span of your assets and maintain the highest level of safety for your students and clients.   Properly maintained equipment will last far longer, keeping replacement costs to a minimum.
Safety Management Plans  Who is responsible for completing each task?  What level of training and supervision is required? One of the key components to creating and maintaining a safe workplace, is to have a sound Safety Management Plan (SMP) in place.  We will liaise with your relevant line managers and supervisors to assess the paddlesport operations and activities of the organisation, and then develop workable safety protocols with which to implement and base your future operational procedures on, in line with industry best practice.  Operating within your SMP will minimise the risk of costly health and safety incidents and claims.